Teaching English and French to underprivileged adults, children and refugees in Paris

In 2019 will see the launch of an exciting new project for Serve The City Paris. The project’s aim is to teach both refugees, underprivileged adults and children the English and French language in the impoverished areas of greater Paris.

Learning French is essential to integrating into the French culture and to find employment in Paris. English is vastly becoming a common language in Paris, and in many cases, a requirement for employment in certain sectors.   We hope to boost career prospects and the quality of life of Paris residents looking to build a new life in Paris.

The majority of our expat volunteers for STCP speak English, and many also already speak French.   We have put together a task force of volunteers who also have some level of teaching or mentoring experience (in any subjects, not just teaching languages).   This task force is currently building a program specifically designed for foreigners interested in integrating into the Parisian culture, or finding employment.    The program will also support the refugee students who participate in the Serve The City Paris TIEO Program.

Our aim is to roll out a language program that is unique.   Volunteers are facilitators rather instructors, ensuring the courses are interactive and collaborative.   Students engage in conversation around subjects relating to sports, technology, fashion, food, manners and other subjects that help them integrate into the Parisian society.  Practicing job interviews in English and French between students and volunteers are also conducted to help the students prepare for finding employment.

If you have an interest in teaching English, French or both, we invite you sign up to teach the language program when it is completed, or to join our current STCP Language Task Force.   We meet weekly as a group to discuss, prepare and test the course content.   As a instructor or as a member of the STCP Language Task Force, you also become familiar with cultural norms of living in Paris and meet others who are integrating into the French society.

If you would like to join us to develop the potential of others, please contact us at info@servethecityparis.com to receive more details.

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