Teaching English and French to refugees, or underprivileged adults and children in Paris

Volunteers meet once a week as a group in a park (summer) or at one of our partner office locations in Paris, where we offer refugees a dinner, and an opportunity to practice their conversational English or French by following a script created by the Serve the City Leadership Team.  We call this our “Language Exchange Program”. During this language exchange, volunteers are given a topic and are matched with a member of our refugee community, or sometimes another STCP volunteer. Every 10 minutes, we rotate, teaching and practicing French or English with a new partner.

A large majority of the refugees speak English and sometimes French as their second language.   Volunteers and refugee students engage in conversation around subjects relating to sports, technology, fashion, food, manners and other subjects that help them integrate into the Parisian society.  Practicing job interviews in English and French between students and volunteers are also encouraged to help the refugees prepare for finding employment or passing their exam to become registered in France.

If you are interested in participating as a volunteer instructor, attending at least one S.A.V.E workshop is mandatory in order to participate in Serve the City Paris activities with our refugee community.   S.A.V.E. Workshops are offered at least 2x per month on Tuesday evenings.   Once you register to become a volunteer on our website, S.A.V.E workshops are then posted on www.Meetup.com (Serve the City Paris), usually at the beginning of each month.  First, please fill out a volunteer registration form found on our website here.    Then you can register for a S.A.V.E. Workshop on this STCP meetup link.

If you are not already a S.A.V.E Program member, there is a 15 euro donation required to join a S.A.V.E. Workshop. For more info on S.A.V.E., click here.   The donation to participate can be completed here.   If you would like to become a member of the S.A.V.E. program, you can learn more about and apply by filling out an S.A.V.E. application here .

We hope to utilize the very important language skills which allow us better connect with others, boost career prospects in France, and the quality of life for both our refugee community and our volunteers.  If you have questions, feel free to send a note to info@servethecity.paris.