Teaching English and French to underprivileged adults, children and refugees in Paris

Learning French is essential to integrating into the French culture and to find employment in Paris.  Learning English is also helpful to find work in Paris, or to integrate with the international community.

Trained volunteers meet once a week as a group and go to the parks, or our partner office locations in Paris, where we offer refugees a sandwich, and an opportunity to practice their conversational English or French by following a script created by the Serve the City leadership team.   A large majority of the refugees speak English and French as their second language.   Volunteers and refugee students engage in conversation around subjects relating to sports, technology, fashion, food, manners and other subjects that help them integrate into the Parisian society.  Practicing job interviews in English and French between students and volunteers are also encouraged to help the refugees prepare for finding employment or passing their exam to become registered in France.

If you are interested in participating as a volunteer instructor, attending at least one preliminary training course is mandatory.  Training courses are offered each month in the evening, and a 10 euro fee is required to participate. (This fee is considered a donation to our Association to help pay for our programs).    The course covers the scripts used during the conversational training sessions, the do’s and don’ts when working with refugees, and best practices in helping foreigners integrate with the French culture.

We hope to boost career prospects and the quality of life of Paris residents looking to build a new life in Paris.  To attend a training course, please register here, or send questions to info@servethecity.paris.