S.A.V.E. MEMBER PROGRAM, Paris, France

The SAVE Member Program is designed for our international volunteers who wish to become better, more knowledgeable volunteers.   Through « SAVE Member only » unique volunteer events and initiatives, along with a series of online and in-person WORKSHOPS (offered at least 3x per month and covering different topics related to volunteering and impacting change).    You begin to build your own knowledge about the people you serve while volunteering, and how to create social impact.    You work on your own social impact idea or project  (CAPSTONE PROJECT), or you collaborate with other SAVE members on a social impact idea or project.   The SAVE program also gives you credentials that you can use for creating a well rounded resume while searching for work, or attempting to expand your education.    A CERTIFICATE of Benevolence is provided, along with Testimonial Letter on the time spent volunteering with Serve the City Paris.

The main goal for SAVE is to offer those who want to make their volunteer experience more meaningful and more impactful.  Perhaps a change agent in your own community.


What We Offer?

The SAVE Member Program costs 75 euros (new price starting 2021) to participate.   This payment is a tax deductible donation that goes towards our humanitarian projects for our refugees and the homeless in Paris.

Each SAVE Member who completes the program in Paris or abroad, will receive the following:

  1. Find your unique mission and the impact that you can make.
  2. Connect with like-minded SAVE Members to co-create social impact projects
  3. Receive guidance and feedback to help you with you own Capstone Project or social impact idea.
  4. Advocate your social initiatives among other volunteers and Serve the City’s social network internationally
  5. Access to unlimited (on-line and in-person) interactive workshops each month, free-of-charge
  6. Exclusive Invitations to SAVE Member-only events, gatherings, and SAVE conferences.
  7. Participation in SAVE Member-only volunteer activities.
  8. Receive mentoring from Subject Matter Experts and peer-to-peer guidance
  9. Opportunity to further develop your Capstone Project through our SAVE Lab, to bring your ideas or social initiatives into self-sustainable venture.
  10. Receive a Serve the City “Certificate of Completion” and a letter of Testimonial (upon request).

Learn More about the S.A.V.E. Member Program, CLICK HERE


S.A.V.E. MEMBER PROGRAM, Paris, France