A Letter from the Director..

Dear Serve the City Paris Volunteers, Partners, Friends and Donators


On behalf of the whole Serve the City Paris team, I would like to thank all of you who participated in the Serve YOUR City Volunteer Week from last Monday through Saturday, June 24 to June 29, 2019.



Even with the extreme heat all week, so many of you came together for each event.  Thanks to the volunteers for your help making food and serving food to the homeless and refugees in the mornings and at the soup kitchen, or giving books and canned goods.   The generosity is extremely appreciated.


Great memories have resulted from our first Serve Your City Volunteer Week…


The film “L’Epoque” exposed a more harsh side of Paris, helping us understand the generation of unemployed young adults expressing their emotional outrage and dissatisfaction of the French and European political system, and some of today’s cultural trends.


Barima Osei, our dance instructor, went through excruciating pain and suffering trying to teach us how to dance!  In the end, we all had put together at least 1 common dance step, (with the exception of Patricia who we can now call “Ms. Flash Dance”!)


A shout out to the Pub Quiz Team titled “THE WINNERS”, made up of Peter, Kathryn, Tejas and Katie who dominated Pub Quiz night and won themselves a bottle of Champagne (either empty or full…we’ll never know).


We had some incredible dialogue between Genie our moderator and a most impressive executive panel made up of Chris, Noel, Kristina and Nathanael, who all went out of their way to provide quality, compelling content on technology and it’s role in social action for the audience.


Then there was our Integration workshop with Juan Marcos.  Clearly every person in the room wanted more of his theories by the end of the workshop, but walked away with his powerful message of what true “integration” requires.


On Friday night, I saw a very blissful crowd eating “Carolina” hot dogs, hot fudge sundaes and watching the Princess and the Frogs, Jason Waters, Julia Metcalf, Natalie Raynal, Roma and others on the stage under the stars in the ACP courtyard.


The donations we received from Volunteer Week will help buy more food for the homeless and refugees each morning, it will help pay for the advancement of the Serve the City T.I.E.O. program (training refugees how to find work), and a English/French language program for refugees and those who live in the impoverished neighborhoods of Paris.


We also built a stronger volunteer base with new volunteers, from all ages and origins.  Also adding the Paris based Girl Scouts, new corporate sponsors and students from Essec, École Polytechnique, AUP and other universities.  Also, thanks to the press interest we received from France24 and NBC News.


Special thanks to our partners such as MakeSence, the American Church in Paris, Kabubu, SAJI, Lost in Frenchlation,  Ha’Penny Bridge Pub, Barima Osei and Studio Bleu, Charles Genet for his donation of the Claude Genet Champagne, Carlton Deal and Sara Tchaparian’s support from STC international, Daphne Eifferich for her cooking, Natalie Raynal for her help organizing the concert night, all our presenters.. including Genie Godula, Juan Marcos, Chris Kramme, Noel Thevenet, Kristina Vayda, and Nathanael Molle.


Most importantly, nothing this week would have happened without the hard work over the last 7 months, of the Serve the City Paris Core team made up of Katie Ogilvie, Peter Dewit, Fabiola La Rocca, Olivia Olson, Samantha la Rocca, Kathryn Chalmers, and other key volunteers such as Jonathan Reid, Sumer Shanker, Mariia Andreieva, Paul Fenu, Agha Naqeeb Shariq, Momand Sefatulah and Jeremie Malengreaux.   This amazing team dedicated an tremendous amount of time and energy to ensure the STC Volunteer Week was a grand success.


We should all be very proud of what we put in place this year for our great city of Paris, our great volunteers and those in need.    

Thank you all.