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Serve the City Paris offers various options for companies who wish to participate in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities and workshops for their employees.  Our aim is to help companies in Paris have a positive impact on society and the environment.

For over 10 years, Serve the City International has been providing CSR activities and programs for large and small companies worldwide. In 2017, Serve the City Paris begin working with a team of senior consultants and select executives from European and U.S. corporations to create a specific workshop designed for high level managers and executives of corporations.

The result is our workshop for high level managers and executives is called “Success to Significance”.

“Success to Significance”  is an excellent opportunity for executives and senior managers to better understand one’s life purpose, to learn something new about themselves and others, and to better plan one’s future purpose.   Some of our key messages and take-aways in our Success to Significance workshop include:

  • We learn about our own past, present and future definition of the three S’s…Success, Sacrifice & Significance.
  • We learn why it’s important to “let go of the things we cannot keep, so that we can receive the things we can never lose’.
  • We learn the importance of climbing the right ladder, and ensuring ‘our ladder is on the right wall’ as we grow older.
  • We learn how important helping others is, whether it be with our executive teams, our own employees or in our society.

Our Success to Significance workshop is interactive and facilitated by two senior STCP consultants.  The workshop can be a part of an overall event that can be customized to fit in a schedule of 2 to 4 hours.  It can include a social impact activity such as making food boxes for the homeless, a presentation delivered by one of our refugee beneficiaries, or it can be conducted before or during a meal (dinner or lunch).

The flow and schedule breakdown for this workshop, resumes of the consultants who run the workshop, and a schedule of the entire event can be provided by sending an email to  info@servethecity.paris.

“The Success To Significance Workshop was an excellent and profound experience.   The objectives we had for the evening included giving people a greater appreciation of their own lives as well as giving them a good experience of how it feels to help those less fortunate than themselves. We achieved our objectives for sure”.

                           – Ian Martin, CEO & Group Head of Insurance, HSBC


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