Bike Brigade (Deliver Food on Bikes to the Homeless)



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Every Saturday at 10am, consider delivering food on your bike to distribute food (all food is provided by Serve the City Paris) to people in need, across the city of Paris.

We meet at Albert Schweitzer Parc (10 rue de l’Hôtel de Ville. Paris 75004). Before distributing food, we socialize together as an international community of volunteers. Then we pack the food in our bags, and you have the option to either walk with other volunteers, or you can jump on a bike to deliver food to the homeless and refugees around Paris.  The whole activity takes 2-3 hours maximum.

If you don’t have a bike, there is a VELIB station ( just in front of Parc Albert Schweitzer.


To become a Serve the City Paris Volunteer, please fill out a Volunteer Registration Form HERE

Once you fill out the form, there is a monthly €10 Euro donation required to participate in STCP volunteer activities.  This €10 euro donation is a tax deductible donation and it goes towards our expenses for our programs for the marginalized in Paris, and our volunteer activities at Serve The City Paris.

We also ask all our new volunteers to consider taking one of our ‘new volunteer training’ workshops.   The new volunteer workshops are usually offered 2x per month, in the evenings for 45 minutes.   They are always online using Zoom and usually very interactive where volunteers can ask questions about volunteering with Serve The City Paris.

You might also consider joining the STCP SAVE program, which offers volunteering on special projects, training and weekly workshops that offer a combination of theory and practice around social impact, to ensure more impactful and meaningful volunteer experiences for our volunteers.

There are many benefits of joining the SAVE program and there is no additional cost.  You can take an unlimited number of workshops each month, and participate in a wide variety of exclusive SAVE Member volunteer activities and events.  SAVE members also receive a certificate of benevolence for school, work or job search requirements. SAVE members also collaborate with fellow SAVE members to social impact projects.

A S.A.V.E. application must be completed. The S.A.V.E. application can be filled out at this link HERE

To learn more about S.A.V.E HERE

Please remember to register for this event at this link HERE