As a new volunteer with Serve the City Paris, we ask each volunteer to follow the steps below...

1.   Please first fill out our Volunteer Registration Form by clicking the blue button below.


2. Then you will transferred to our donation page.  We ask for all new volunteers to donate €20 euros for our cause.


3. Then we ask each new volunteer to take at least 1 S.A.V.E. volunteering workshop, offered weekly  (pick one of your choice!)


Alternatively, you can join S.A.V.E.    As a SAVE member, the 20 Euro donation is included in the membership fee.  You have access to all weekly workshops, SAVE member only volunteer activities (such as visiting refugee camps or language teaching), and most important, finding your unique purpose through the journey of working on social impact projects (SAVE CAPSTONE projects) with the help of your fellow SAVE Members.      To learn more about S.A.V.E., CLICK HERE.