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Serve the City Paris offers various options for companies who wish to participate in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities and workshops for their employees, or for groups traveling to Paris, or students from local and foreign universities.  For over 10 years, Serve the City International has been providing CSR activities and programs for large and small companies and groups worldwide.  Our aim is to help companies who are in Paris, or visiting Paris have a positive impact on society and the environment.

The STCP “Journey to Paris Workshop” is an interactive workshop designed to provide an impactful service, to educate and deliver a powerful perspective about the refugee community, and to allow participants to comprehend their own life journeys and challenges we as humans face at all levels.  The workshop and exercises opens up the minds of individuals to appreciate more, and reflect on, their own personal journeys or adventures in life, and the personal journeys or adventures of others.

The workshop can be customized to include a session where the group prepares lunch boxes for the refugee camps.  There is also an option to deliver the lunch boxes to the homeless and refugees in Paris.   Also, a presentation can be delivered by a refugee guest speaker and beneficiary of Serve the City Paris, who provides details on his or her personal journey.  The story delivered by our refugee beneficiaries are always both educational and heartfelt.

Usually after the workshop, food preparation and/0r refugee presentation, the group participates in writing a note (in French, English or both) to be included in the lunch boxes for the refugees and homeless.  The participants write a short inspiring or supportive note or a simple sentence ..i.e. ‘welcome to France’, ‘we support you’, ‘hang in there’, ‘stay strong’..etc.  The cards in envelopes are placed in the lunch bags to be handed out to the refugees and homeless.

The ‘Journey to Paris’ workshop can take place in 2 hours, or up to 4 hours.   For more information about the workshop, the facilitators and a more detailed breakdown of the schedule, please send a note to info@servethecity.paris.