Serve the City Paris has provided CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities and programs for over 200 large and small companies, universities and groups worldwide.  In Paris, we arrange volunteer humanitarian and environmental eco-friendly activities and workshops with employees and students so they can contribute, and have a positive impact on the the city of Paris.  Here is a partial list of the corporate groups and schools we have worked with in the past.

“The Success To Significance CSR Workshop provided by Serve the City Paris was an excellent and profound experience.   The objectives we had for the evening included giving people a greater appreciation of their own lives as well as giving them a good experience of how it feels to help those less fortunate than themselves. We achieved our objectives for sure”.

Ian Martin, CEO & Group Head of Insurance, HSBC

Serve the City Paris offers various options for companies that range from humanitarian oriented activities (working with the refugees or homeless in Paris), or environmental activities (sustainable design and eco-friendly initiatives).   We can tailor or customize an activity that can last a half day or a full day, and in the center of Paris or outside Paris.   The variety of our activities to follow the CSR standards governed by the United Nations SDG,  and the standards of our corporate and university partners.

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Here is a list of some of our CSR Activities we customize for our corporate clients and universities…

1. Participants make lunch boxes and care packages which are then delivered to the homeless in the streets of Paris.

2. Participants engage in an art project, creating ‘inspiration cards’ with messages and drawings,  to be included in the gift packages.

3. Participants create Hygiene Product Kits, that include toothpaste, toothbrushes, small containers of shampoo, conditioner, hand location and other items.

4. Participants ‘Sweep the City’, collecting cigarette butts and trash along the river Seine, Chatelet or specific areas within the peripherique of Paris.

5. Participants engage is a “Seed Bomb” activity,  to prepare the seeds in miniature pots, before planting them along the Seine and in boxwoods in Paris.

6. Participants teach the beginner level English or French Language through conversation in a group setting using language learning exercises.

7. Special workshops where individuals break into small groups and discuss a personal journey, obstacle or challenge they overcame and how they succeeded.

8. A workshop where executives and senior managers learn how to go from ‘success to significance’ and to balance a career with time to give to others.

9. Presentations from our refugee beneficiaries who share their experiences and stories on seeking asylum in France.

A donation is requested for each activity.   The donation will go towards paying for any materials required for the activity, and then also towards the infrastructure and administrative costs for our non-profit association to continue running our volunteer activities.

To learn more about the Serve The City Paris volunteer activities for employees and students, or to receive a proposal, please send us a email to

To learn more about the Serve The City Paris volunteer activities for employees and students, or to receive a proposal, please send us an email to