Our Team 

Managing Director – Tom (TJ) Wilscam 

Tom and his wife Kim have lived in Paris for over 21 years.  After living in San Francisco and working in Silicon Valley, Tom ran his own international company based in Paris for 12 years, before dedicating all his time since 2015 to social impact related projects.  Tom has worked with Serve the City Paris (STCP) as a volunteer, a Board member of STCP, and for the last 8 years, the Managing Director of STCP.  Tom also launched a non-profit Association in Paris called Venture Académie, dedicated to helping immigrant and refugee entrepreneurs start their own business.  His company also created the business plan for the U.S. National Refugee Welcome Center in Philadelphia, and a separate training program to help new refugees and asylum seekers find employment in France.   Tom sits on the Board of 2 NGO’s in France, he is on the General Council for the 5eme quartier of Paris, and has been active in leadership and council roles at the American Church in Paris.   Tom has also spoken at conferences including Paris Talks, and for the France24 news station.   His ambition is to guide volunteers and transform them into more impactful volunteers, and to create more impactful long term projects for the refugees and young migrants in Paris.

Director of the Finance Administration – Carol Weiss Pouchol

Carol Weiss Pouchol is the Director of the Finance Administration at Serve The City Paris. Her team is in charge of expense reporting, book-keeping and supplies.  Carol manages our bank partnerships, she tracks donations and CSR revenue, and helps with the preparation of our annual audits.  Carol originally came to France on an expat assignment for Microsoft Corporation in the role of Information Technology Director for Southern Europe.  Carol has now lived in Paris for over 30 years and has been the Treasurer of United States Girl Scouts Overseas – Paris since 2003.  In addition to these responsibilities,  Carol mentors other leaders at Serve The City and volunteers regularly with our Food Distribution Program.

Manager of Beneficiary Programs & Partnerships – Safiullah (Safi) Ebrahim

Safiullah (Safi) Ebrahim is in charge of managing, organizing and communicating with Serve The City beneficiaries (young immigrants and refugees) to identify and find solutions to support their needs.   His role is to help create a community among both our beneficiaries and our volunteers, by helping organize integration events, workshops, French and English language training, job opportunities and even opportunities for our beneficiaries to become fellow volunteers.   Safi graduated from Universite du Paris, and he has a Masters degree from Cairo University.  Safi is originally from Afghanistan and has been a Senior Coordinator and Personal Assistant to the Ambassador of Afghanistan in Egypt.  Safi speaks 5 languages and enjoys traveling, writing articles and playing the flute.

Board Director & Strategy – Jonathan Schmutz

Jonathan Schmutz is a former aerospace engineer, turned social entrepreneur.  He is the technical co-founder of a neuroscience startup called Zeta Technologies, the marketing Executive for the ecommerce website ‘Aurore Market’, and the Chief Marketing Officer for ‘TopMusic’.   Jonathan studied at the University of California, Berkeley, and a Master’s degree from Ecole Polytechnique.   Jonathan is now a Board Director, helping with strategy and partnerships at STCP because he has always had a heart for, and donated significant time to, helping individuals who are in need.

Serve The City Paris Leadership Team

At Serve The City Paris, there is a volunteer “STCP Leadership Team” who are the engine that runs our great programs.    The STCP Leadership Team is made up of volunteers who have a specific skill set and passion relating to project management, marketing & communications, technology, event planning, resource planning, or previous experience managing or coordinating a volunteer program.  All the positions do require a minimum of  hours of work on their specific program per week, attending weekly STCP events and activities, and attending a weekly 2 hour team meeting.    Every six months, some of our members of the STCP Leadership Team do rotate, so if you have a desire to join the STCP Leadership Team, we would be delighted to share more about the role and requirements.  You can click here below for a more detailed description of our Leadership Team and you may also send us an email to info@servethecity.paris if you are interested.   Serve The City ‘Leadership Team’ Role Description

Chief Mascot in charge of volunteer smiles- Amélie 

amelie serve your city volunteer paris

Amélie is our fearless mascot who is always around to make us smile! She loves treats, attends the morning volunteer activities and enjoys relaxing under the table during our team meetings.