To participate in STCP volunteer activities, a €10 donation per month is required to participate in STCP weekly S.A.V.E. workshops, volunteer activities and STCP events.

If you are unable to volunteer and would like to make a donation to STCP, please select below. 

Help serve the city of Paris. …Donate to Serve the City Paris.      We need your support.

Why Give To Serve The City Paris?

Serve the City Paris does not receive funding from the French government, or any government entity. We depend on the financial donations from people like you to support our humanitarian programs. We do our best to keep our administration and operational expenses low (no salaries at STCP), in order to dedicate as much of our donations as possible to our humanitarian programs.



– Food Distribution the homeless and refugees around Paris

– A shelter program for the homeless each winter

– Language training (both English and French) for marginalized foreigners

– Work Training and Job Search programs for unemployed refugees

– Integration Training to teach marginalized foreigners, how to integrate


*After processing the donation, you can request for your donation to be earmarked for a specific project or a refugee.   Just send an email to once you receive your email confirmation.

Financial support for Serve the City Paris comes from team-building events for corporations, fundraisers and private donations.  We rely entirely on donations from people like you to fund our projects.  Your contributions empower our volunteers to actively support our city of Paris and those in need.

Your donation will make it possible for us to organise activities and equip volunteers to serve the marginalized in Paris: people who are homeless or seeking asylum, and those who need food, training, comfort and support from our volunteers.

If you have seen the positive impact of volunteering with STCP, why not make a financial donation to provide our volunteers with the materials and resources to make a difference in our great city of Paris?