The SAVE Member Program is designed for our international volunteers who wish to become better, more knowledgeable volunteers while in Paris.   By participating in a combination of Serve the City Paris unique volunteer activities, combined with SAVE events, special volunteer initiatives, and a series of online and in-person SAVE Workshops,  volunteers build knowledge, credentials, empathy and other valuable virtues to be better volunteers and citizens in our society.

The SAVE program requires a certain number of hours of volunteering, a minimum number of workshops, and participation in a SAVE Capstone Project, where you engage with your fellow SAVE participants to create social impact.

The workshops cover different topics,  (humanitarian, diversity, integration, environmental, social entrepreneurships, etc) led by subject matter experts, and all related to volunteering and impacting change across international cities.

The SAVE program can also provide credentials for volunteers to use for creating a well rounded resume required for searching for work, furthering one’s educational endeavors, or one’s personal aspirations.   A Certificate of Benevolence is provided, along with Testimonial Letter, for the time dedicated to the SAVE program and volunteering with Serve the City Paris.

The main goal for SAVE is to offer those who want to make their volunteer experience more meaningful and more impactful.  …Perhaps also becoming a change agent in your own community.


If you are already a Serve The City Paris volunteer, there is no extra cost to participate in the SAVE Program.    To participate in SAVE, we do ask that you become a Serve The City Volunteer first by filling out the volunteer registration form, or the SAVE registration form, and donating 10 Euros a month to participate in Serve The City Paris organized volunteer activities.  This donation is a tax deductible donation, which goes towards the STCP humanitarian projects for our refugees the homeless and marginalized in Paris.

Each SAVE Member who completes the program in Paris or abroad, will receive the following:

To learn more about the S.A.V.E. Program, please CLICK HERE