Serve the City Paris Events

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Serve the City offers at least one fun, educational, entertaining, or purposeful event each month for our volunteers and our beneficiaries.

Each monthly event is designed to support integration of foreigners in France, and to build a stronger community of expats and immigrants who have made Paris their home.

Examples of our events might include a picnic in the park, or our ACP Cafe Mic Nights, which give our community of musicians an opportunity to perform among friends.

Pub Quiz nights are always a fun activity for those who are good with solving trivia questions.

Pasta night and dance class (sometimes followed by a ‘flash mob’) taught by volunteer, Barima Osei, a professional dancer and choreographer in Paris.

An occasional “STCP Movie Night” where volunteers and beneficiaries get together to watch a film, and have a discussion about the film afterwards.

Sports events in the ACP gym with our partner Kabubu, where friends play basketball, indoor football and even an occasional match of Petanque in the park.

Other monthly events include group yoga classes, ‘STCP Welcome Dinners’, holiday get togethers, and integration workshops taught by Juan Marcos, a STCP volunteer and professional diversity Management Consultant.

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