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Serve the City Paris offers two programs to help refugees find work in France :

TIEO Program

Since November of 2017, Serve-the-City Paris has developed a course program called TIEO (Trouvez du travail, Intégrez avec la culture Française, & Être Optimiste). This course is specifically designed to help refugees and immigrants find work in France, integrate into the French work culture, and remain optimistic and positive throughout the period of searching for work.

The TIEO program was created by a group of French and international foreigners living and working in France. Serve the City Paris hand-selected the team of professionals who developed the course program, based on a strong level of experience in human resources, personal development and employment recruiting. Pedological professionals helped with the design of the program, and a team of instructors who have experience working with refugees in the past played a vital role in the program creation.

The entire program’s objective is not only to help the refugees with the standard requirements for finding a job (how to search for the right job, CV creation, writing motivation letters and interview role-playing), but the program also offers very unique and compelling strategies and actions that are critical in securing work in France.  The course program is also unique because it was created by the TIEO team who also participate in parts of the course and share their perspective and their personal experience about coming to France and trying to find work.

The TIEO program is 4 weeks in length offered on a weekly basis, twice per week (4 hours each day).

The program provides a special certification for completion of the program, a Linkedin Learning license, and a learning platform where students can learn to use technology that will help them find work.

For more information on becoming a student or a TIEO team volunteer, please contact


Serve the CityCleverConnect x SNC program.

program that empowers jobseeker with video resume, in partnership with CleverConnect and SNC.