Exchange the language of English or French with our refugee community in Paris.

For this event, please first register to become a STCP volunteer at this link HERE

Volunteers meet each week, every Thursday night at 19H to 20:45 at “La Caféothèque’, 52 rue L’Hotel de Ville, 75004  (Line 7, Metro: Pont Marie,  or a 5 minute walk from Line 1, Metro: St Paul).  Our training room only seats 30 participants and we allow a maximum of 15 refugees and 15 volunteers), so once you’ve registered to become a volunteer, sign up in advance on our Event Calendar page HERE

During this language exchange, there is a lecture (mainly on the subject of speaking French) in the beginning 20-30 minutes of the event.  Then volunteers are given a topic and are matched with a member (1 on 1, or 2 on 2) from our refugee community.  Volunteers have conversations in French or English with  members of our refugee community on the topic chosen for that specific evening.

Volunteers then rotate from table to table, at least twice during the full 30-40 minutes of the conversation period.   After the conversation session is over, STCP provides dinner for the refugees and participating volunteers.   Serve The City Paris provides the main meal, but we also ask our volunteers to kindly bring small food items such as nuts, fruit, cookies or a French baguette to share with everyone.   The entire activity usually lasts 90 minutes.


You don’t have to be a trained language instructor to participate.  The time spent in each language & Cultural exchange session with our refugee community, is more about connection, patience and empathy.

We do ask that you take one of our ‘new volunteer training’ workshops.   The new volunteer workshops are always offered on the first Tuesday of every month, in the evenings for 1 hour.  The training workshop always takes place online using ZOOM.    In the new volunteer training workshop we discuss the subject of how to work and integrate with our refugee community in Paris.  Volunteers are also given the opportunity to ask questions about volunteering with Serve The City Paris after the first 50 minutes of training on the call.

To participate in any of the STCP volunteer activities, it is a requirement to first register to become a Serve the City Paris Volunteer.   Please fill out a Volunteer Registration Form HERE

Once you fill out the form, there is a monthly €10 Euro donation required to participate in STCP volunteer activities.  This €10 euro donation is a tax deductible donation and it goes towards our expenses for our programs for the marginalized in Paris, and our volunteer activities at Serve The City Paris.

You might also consider joining the STCP S.AV.E. program, which offers volunteering on special social impact projects created by S.A.V.E. members.  The S.A.V.E. program offers a combination of theory and practice around creating social impact projects, to ensure more impactful and meaningful volunteer experiences for our volunteers.   There are many benefits of joining the SAVE program at no additional cost.

A S.A.V.E. application must be completed. The S.A.V.E. application can be filled out at this link HERE

To learn more about S.A.V.E HERE