Session Description:

This New Volunteer Training workshop is dedicated to those who are new to Serve the City Paris (including new S.A.V.E. program participants). The session will cover the expectations, guidelines, and basic requirements for volunteering with our activities, such as our weekly food distribution, our French and English language training, our S.A.V.E. Program, our Europe Travel trips, or our integration events with our refugee community.

The 1 hour workshop (with Q&A) is designed to help prepare our new volunteers in advance of participating in some of our volunteer activities by providing a brief overview of knowledge of the refugee and homeless situation in Paris, to better understand the needs of our beneficiaries, and to help our volunteers have a more meaningful volunteer experience with Serve the City Paris.

You also learn about the Serve the City Paris S.A.V.E. Program and details on becoming a participant (Learn about about S.A.V.E. below).

Please fill out our Volunteer Registration form. If you wish to join our S.A.V.E. program while volunteering, please fell out our SAVE Application form. This page has links to both forms: https://www.servethecity.paris/new-volunteer-page/

2) Once you register with either form, you will then be transferred to the donation page. There is a €10 monthly donation required to volunteer with any of our activities we offer at Serve The City Paris, or to participate in the S.A.V.E Program if you decide to become a SAVE member (there is no additional donation required). The STCP/S.A.V.E. volunteer donation goes directly to the support of our weekly humanitarian activities and programs. (The volunteer donation can be canceled at any time).

3) Once the donation is paid, please sign-up and register for our other volunteer activities on our website at https://www.servethecity.paris/current-volunteer-events/

4) Then you will receive an email with your confirmation, links to our ServeNow app, and to our social media private groups for our volunteers to communicate.

If you have any questions, you may contact info@servethecity.paris.


What is the S.A.V.E. Program?

The S.A.V.E. (Service. Action. Volunteer. Empowerment) program is designed to help us all become better volunteers through both practice and theory. The program consists of monthly online and face to face workshops, volunteer activities and special initiatives in Paris, and events to promote collaboration with like-minded volunteers.

SAVE participants gain knowledge and insight about the people we serve, our environment, social challenges, and case studies of proven solutions that resulted in change or impact.  Volunteers collaborate and work together on social impact projects and ideas for our own neighborhoods in Paris and beyond.

Hundreds of Serve the City Volunteers have become SAVE program participants and we encourage all our new volunteers to us and connect with others who want to connect with other volunteers, make change, and make impact.

There is no fee to join the S.A.V.E. program, but there is a 10 euro monthly donation to volunteer with all activities at Serve The City Paris. These monthly donations are recorded as a tax-free deductible donation, and 100% of the donation goes towards the administration and support of all Serve the City humanitarian programs, activities, courses and expenses related to humanitarian needs for our beneficiaries.