Lecture by Daniel Tostado

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Serve the City Paris, S.A.V.E Program Presents:

S.A.V.E Workshop, “Lecture by Daniel Tostado”

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So many of you are asking questions about the new laws France is now enforcing regarding our immigrant beneficiaries.

We are seeing sweeping changes in France, which are negatively affecting our young immigrant community we interact with weekly, through our Food Distribution, Saturday Soup Kitchen, our Wednesday Breakfast Distribution and in our Language Exchange program.

Clearly from last week’s Tuesday night call, many of us have questions about what is happening, why is this happening in France, and what we can do for our beneficiaries.We’ve asked our special friend of STCP Daniel Tostado to join us tomorrow night on the Zoom call. Daniel and his wife Lisa started the 100 nights shelter we have been volunteering with. Daniel is also an immigration lawyer here in Paris, who after receiving his law degree at Harvard, Daniel passed the legal bar in the U.S and in France, and now has his law firm here in Paris, designed to help expats live in France. (See his website: https://www.danieltostado.com)