Serve the City Paris Online Workshop Series Presents… Roma in the Streets of Paris

Do you ever wonder about the Roma that come year around to Paris to beg in the streets for money?

Join Mary McColley in a SAVE workshop to examine the poverty and discrimination that Roma people have historically faced in the EU.

Roma number some 6 million, Europe’s largest ethnic minority, and often face dire socio-economic conditions and discrimination, social exclusion, and segregation.

The homelessness we see on the streets of Paris is informed by larger historical, cultural, and social factors.

Come and learn about the situation of the Roma people, to better understand better their situation, and why they face these extremely difficult conditions in their lives.

Join Mary McColley, is a STCP Leadership Team member and a dedicated writer for STCP.

Mary McColley is a writer originally hailing from Maine in the United States, though Paris has been her home for the past few years. She recently graduated summa cum laude from the American University of Paris after undergraduate studies in history, law, and languages. Mary is passionate about issues of migration, the ocean, women’s rights, and Claude François.


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