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Square Albert Schweitzer Parc, at 10 Rue de l’Hôtel de ville, 75004 Paris. Metro: Pont Marie. Line 7, or metro Saint Paul. Line 1.
(The Parc is just in front of the metro stop Pont Marie, Line 7

18h – 19H Language Exchange
19h to 20h- snacks, drinks, games and more conversation!

Our international volunteers teach English and French with our community of refugees. It’s also an opportunity to practice French with other fellow international volunteers.

During this language exchange, volunteers are given a topic and are matched with a member of our refugee community, or another STCP volunteer. Every 10 minutes, we rotate, teaching and practicing French or English with a new partner.

The session lasts 1 hour, followed by activities in the park from 19h-20h where our conversations can continue! STCP provides the games (the Parc has Ping Pong tables, and Table Football. We also set up Badminton, Petanque and Mölkky), and dinner for the refugees. We also ask that the volunteers try to bring a food item such as bread, fruit, cookies or a snack (including salads if you are up for the task) to share with the refugees.

There is a maximum limit of 25 volunteers each Thursday night, due to Covid, and the ability to allow us to manage the size of the group and pair volunteers with refugees. Remember to sign up early each week!

Those on the list, please bring a mask. We arrange for everyone to practice social distancing also.

For the Language Exchange Program, you don’t have to be a trained language instructor to participate. All that is required is if you are a new volunteer with STCP, we kindly ask each volunteer to take at least one of our S.A.V.E. workshops, in order to be better equipped to teach, interact and connect with our refugee community. At least 2 S.A.V.E. workshops are offered every month and are usually posted at the beginning of each month on

S.A.V.E. workshops are designed to provide the knowledge of the refugee situation in Paris, to better prepare our new volunteers to understand the needs of our beneficiaries, their stories, and the knowledge to ensure a more meaningful volunteer experience with Serve the City activities.

1) First, please fill out a volunteer registration form found on our website:

2). Then you can register for a S.A.V.E. Workshop on this STCP meetup link.

3). If you are not already a S.A.V.E Program member, there is a 15 euro donation required to join a S.A.V.E. workshop, which will then allow all new participants to volunteer with any Serve the City Paris volunteer activities. After you fill out the volunteer registration, the donation to participate can be completed at

4) If you are interested in becoming a S.A.V.E. Member, a S.A.V.E. application must be submitted to apply. The S.A.V.E. application can be filled out at

To learn more about the S.A.V.E. program and the benefits of becoming a S.A.V.E. Member at


We would be excited for you to join our 2,500+ international volunteers.

Our team of volunteers participate in volunteer activities offered 5 days a week, including interactive workshops and monthly events. Any given week, our Volunteers help deliver food to refugees and the homeless, teach English and French to refugees, participate in sports activities with refugees, work at a Soup Kitchen, attend one of our monthly integration events, or help with the Serve The City Program P.A.I.R. (“Program to Aid & Integrate Refugees”).

Learn more about Serve The City Paris at