Weekday Volunteer Activities & Workshops

Serve The City Paris offers volunteer activities and SAVE workshops every week!

Saturday S.E.R.V.E. Paris Day

S.E.R.V.E (Saturday Engage & Reunite Volunteer Event) Every Saturday volunteers reunite as a community, where we gather to engage in multiple volunteer events and activities.  It’s an opportunity to serve alongside all Paris volunteers and experience the team spirit and the joy of giving.  Activities include our Saturday Food Distribution. A Welcome Clinic for refugees and volunteers new to France. A Bike Brigade (volunteers deliver sandwiches on bikes).  Our Language Exchange (teach French and English to our refugee community).  Paris Social Tours (take a tour of Paris with a refugee tour guide, and deliver food).  Sweep the City (clean parts of Paris as a group), and a potluck Picnic for volunteers and our refugee community.  The start date for these activities begins Saturday, May 8, 2021.

2021 STCP Volunteer Week

Join our biggest event of the year, and gather with all our international volunteers who live in Paris. We offer you a chance to connect beyond borders and to experience how we can make a big difference when we come together to help our neighbours in the streets of Paris.  Every Saturday, starting at 10am