The SAVE Program is for volunteers worldwide, those who live Paris or in big cities internationally.  It is designed to allow volunteers to build their credentials and knowledge about volunteering and how to create social impact in big cities.


The SAVE Program offers both online and classroom study, interactive workshops, online language exchange with refugees, French language training, volunteer activities in Paris and in big cities, and support to discuss social impact ideas and projects for your community.


Participants can participate in either online or classroom interactive workshops.    For more information about the workshops, click on the link to WORKSHOPS.


If you are interested in the SAVE Ambassador Certification, a Serve the City team leader can talk to you about how you can confirm your participation of 32 hours of volunteer work in Paris or in your own city, while taking 4 of our SAVE workshops (on-line or in the class room) offered regularly, and by submitting your final Save Reflection Project.   Each SAVE Ambassador who completes the SAVE program in Paris or abroad, will receive the following:

  1. A letter of Testimonial from the Executive Director of Serve the City Paris
  2. A Serve the City “Certificate of Benevolence”
  3. The posting of your project on Serve the City Paris social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp and LinkedIn).


The SAVE Certification program costs 140 euros to participate, which grants you complimentary access to all SAVE Workshops (on-line or in class), the testimonial letter, the customized certificate of Benevolence and a short consultation from a STCP Team leader on how to create a    SAVE REFECTION PROJECT.  Learn more by visiting  this link “CERTIFICATION”.


Learn More about the S.A.V.E. Program, CLICK HERE