As a response to the many requests Serve the City Paris receives, large in part from students and young Adults, Serve the City has implemented a Social Responsibility Certification (SRC) Program.   

The SRC program simply provides the necessary training and a certificate (with a Serve the City Paris seal and executive signature), and/or a letter of recommendation acknowledging that the student or young adult has spent a certain number of required hours in volunteer training, volunteering with community service, or volunteering on social impact projects for the city of Paris.  

Volunteering to help those in need may never require reward or recognition.    For young adults who are interested in improving their university status, CV credentials, or increasing their chances of securing a good job in today’s competitive market, having a signed certificate by an Association can help demonstrate a person’s character and benevolence.

Volunteer Training courses take place once a month in the evening, and are required to receive the certification.   (There is a fee of 10 Euros for each monthly training course).  Students can take as many courses as they wish, but only one 2 hour course is necessary to meet the training requirement.  The training course is taught by Serve the City Paris, and a licenced diversity management consultant.  The course covers best practices (and the do’s and don’ts), relating to working with asylum seekers/refugees and the homeless in Paris.  It also covers best practices on how to properly integrate in a city like Paris, and how to help foreigners integrate.

Once the training is completed, there are three levels of certification, depending on the type of volunteer work conducted by the volunteer.   Whether it’s a part or full time internship with an Association, a course instructor or group facilitator role with an Association, or simply for donating a certain number of hours per month to a community service activity in Paris. In addition to the certification, letters of Recommendation are also provided by STCP for certain volunteer roles with the Association.

For more information about the Serve the City Paris SRC Program, or to receive the monthly training schedule in advance, please send an email to



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