Serve The City Paris is launching a new Language Exchange program called the “Language & Culture Exchange Program” every Thursday night.    (It’s an upgrade from the “Language Exchange” Program we have offered for our beneficiaries and volunteers the last 3 years…)

What will the new format look like?   Well to start, it’s at a new location.   …We meet each Thursday night from 19H to 20H at Caféothèque Cafe, located at 52 rue L’Hotel de Ville 75004 (Metro Line 7 (Point Marie) or Metro Line 1 (St Paul).  (First remember to check in at the new Serve The City Paris office located next door at 56 rue L’Hotel de Ville 75004)

Each Thursday night we have designed the workshops to be more of a ‘French Cultural Experience’.  It’s not just about teaching the French language in it’s traditional manner.

…We start with a short 20 minute course lecture on the French language. Followed by 1 on 1 conversations between volunteers and members from our refugee community for 20 minutes.

Then we’ll participate in France related activities for the remaining hour, such as:

  • Having a French meal
  • Teaching a French songs to sing
  • Doing arts and crafts (drawings of French monuments), p
  • Playing board games in French
  • Performing skits on France history
  • Watching a short movie in French..
  • ….other fun and entertaining activities related to French culture.

You don’t have to be French to participate, but it’s helpful if you have some grasp of there French language.  (no requirement to speak fluent French.. Our group of volunteers are very international).  Just come and help us connect better with our beneficiaries!

If you plan to come, please don’t forget to register in advance on our SERVENOW app.  Very important.  For more info…see 

See you there!

Madelyn (STCP L&CE Project Coordinator)