Come join us on Wednesday evening, September 13th, for a small party and discussion with Kianoush Ramezani, who will give us a tour of his recently published political cartoons.

The event will be held at a rented apartment in the Cité International des Arts, located at 15 rue geoffroy l’asnier 75004, Paris.  (Pont Marie Metro, line 7).   The door will be open to the courtyard and then to Kianoush’s gallery apartment.

Kianoush Ramezani will provide a short tour and discussion about his cartoons, followed by a small cocktail party.  The event will start at 18H and it will last until 21H.

More about Kianoush Ramezani: Kianoush Ramezani us a Iranian Political Cartoonist, Artist and Human Rights Activist who has been forced to flee from Iran to Paris for his controversial and provocative political cartoons about Iran’s political landscape.

Kianoush fled Iran in 2009, before taking refuge in France in 2010.  His political cartoons no doubt generated attention around the world.   Kianoush’s political cartoons and drawings have been published in the French newspapers “La Croix”, A “Franc-tireur”, “Courrier International”, “We Demain”, or in the “Kehitys lehti” (The Magazine of the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

, he created the association “United Sketches” with other international cartoonists, with the aim of promoting freedom of expression.  He has taken a public position on the current political situation in Iran, the American decisions on the Iranian nuclear agreement, the Iranian revolution, civil society movements in Iran, and other resistance movements in the world today.

Kianoush continues to create impact as an international political cartoonist, sharing his time between Paris and Helsinki.

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