In this Tuesday’s Capstone Project session we are going to focus on the upcoming Mobility Trip to Krakow Poland, where Serve the City Paris and our S.A.V.E. Team of volunteers are  going to hold several activities in Krakow for children and adults who fled Ukraine in the face of the Russia-Ukraine war.


This is the second year the S.A.V.E. members will visit Krakow to help Ukrainian refugees.  Last year’s trip with 9  S.A.V.E. members was a tremendous success!


We spent time with the kids and young adults doing all kinds of activities.


This year, the main theme of this trip will be “Bringing France to Krakow”.


We will discuss organizing activities as skits with puppets (marionettes), a cooking class on a French meal, teaching French songs to sing, the sport of Pétanque, arts and crafts (puppets and colorful drawings of French monuments) for the kids, teaching a bit of France history and geography, and other fun and entertaining activities for all ages!


Whether you have another Capstone Project idea, or if you want this trip to Krakow to be your Capstone project, join us Tuesday night.


Please register for this workshop via the ServeNow App. (If you have not downloaded the Servenow app, please do so on your Apple or Samsung App store). To learn more, go to:


See you there!

STCP Leadership team