Capstone Project & Collaborate Workshop

Session Description:

The second Tuesday night of each month is the Serve The City Paris S.A.V.E. Program Workshop on ‘collaborating on a social impact project’ for the city of Paris.

Once you become a volunteer at Serve The City Paris, you might find that you have a personal desire to do more for our city of Paris.  Through a creative process and guided framework, the S.A.V.E. program offers a volunteer the ability to work on a social impact idea, collaborate with other volunteers on a social impact project for Paris, or improve existing volunteer projects.

We start the workshop by discussing ideas around social impact for Paris.   We review other examples of other S.A.V.E. Capstone (social impact) projects STCP volunteers did for the city of Paris.  Volunteers who were involved in previous projects are able to share their experiences with the group.   Then, we discuss how to design a Capstone Project, and how to transfer a concept into a tangible and impactful event or activity .

Once you attend the workshop and learn about the project available, you can decide what level of commitment you can give.  Maybe it’s an hour a week…maybe it’s more?  Project participation with any given social impact project is completely based on what our volunteers have the time for, usually over a 3 month period.

Come and meet other S.T.C.P. volunteers who have a desire to make change and impact in Paris.  We invite all of to join…whether you are new to volunteering with STCP, a SAVE member, or have volunteered with STCP before.

Join us at Columbia University in the 75006, the second Tuesday night of each month from 19H to 20H. When you arrive at Columbia University, there is a blue door. Press the intercom button and tell the front desk you are here for a Serve The City Workshop.  Enter the courtyard and we meet in the “Maison Verte” (to the right).

If you have any difficulty, you can contact +33 608040944.

ATTENTION: To register for this workshop, please kindly register for this workshop (and others), by downloading our ServeNow app to register.  If you do not have the ServNow app, you can find it at your phone App Store under”ServeNow” .   For more info: