“Trauma Discovery & Healing” with Rachel Uthmann, Director of Training for International Association for Refugees (IAFR)

Join us Tuesday night, May 2nd for a special workshop designed to help prepare our STCP volunteers exposed to our young refugee community in Paris.

Rachel has worked among refugees and asylum seekers in Greece, Italy, England, and the USA over the last 22 years.  While living in Italy, Rachel and her husband started a hospitality center for asylum seeking Afghan young men, many of whom were unhoused.   She now lives in Minnesota, USA, where she focuses on equipping others to walk with forcibly displaced people in ways that are sustainable and life-giving. She holds an undergraduate degree in theology and European history and a master’s degree in history with a focus on global immigration. Rachel is also a trainer with the Trauma Healing Institute’s Healing the Wounds of Trauma small group trauma healing program.

The workshop will start at 19h and it will end between 20h and 20:30, depending on the number of questions.

Thank you for taking the time to better prepare as a STCP volunteer.

STCP Leadership Team.