Serve the City Paris ‘Curious Question’ Workshop

Every month, on the second Tuesday of the month, we have our ‘Curious Question’ Workshop at Columbia University, Reid Hall, starting at 19h to 20:30h.

ATTENTION: To register for this workshop, please register below, and by downloading our ServeNow app to register.  If you do not have the ServNow app, you can find it at your phone App Store.   For more info:

The Curious Question Workshop is an interactive workshop where we explore the other side of volunteering that may not be as obvious to us as we participate in STCP volunteering activities, and social impact for Paris.

We will discuss as a group questions such as …what is it about volunteering that defines our identity and character?  Questions about balancing volunteering with life’s obligations and our career endeavors, or questions on what is it we know about helping others that will keep us from avoiding compromising our core values.

We invite all of to join…whether you are new to volunteering with STCP, a SAVE member, or have volunteered with STCP before.

When you arrive at Columbia University, there is a blue door. Press the intercom button and tell the front desk you are here for a Serve The City Workshop.  Enter the courtyard and we meet in the “Maison Verte” (to the right).

If you have any difficulty, you can contact +33 608040944.

STCP Basic Volunteer Training (Required for new volunteers), April 29th