The Serve the City Paris, S.A.V.E Program Presents:

A workshop on “Intercultural Communication”

Tuesday, January 30, 19H to 20H on Zoom

Session Description:

Every day in Paris we are communicating directly and indirectly with other cultures.    During and after these interactions, we build perceptions, assumptions and even judgements.   It’s human nature, no matter how much we try to integrate with other cultures in a kind and proper manner.    

We do our best to assimilate with our beneficiaries at STCP, but do we practice the art of acculturation with these young immigrants and refugees we face every week while volunteering? 

In this workshop on Intercultural Communication, we not only learn about the ‘do’s and dont’s, but we discuss how we can move the needle and break through barriers that block integration, and develop skills for creating strong integration, and respect for diversity.

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STCP Basic Volunteer Training (Required for new volunteers), April 29th