Dear new S.A.V.E. members and STCP volunteers.

Since the beginning of this month we have seen a group of many newly arrived refugee families (40-50 families) with small kids just in front of the l’Hôtel de Ville, 75004.

Next Tuesday night, August 15th from 19H to 20:30H we would like to invite you to join this STCP sponsored special initiative to help these families and kids.

We will gather to do a distribution of food, hygiene products and toys for the kids.  STCP will provide all the items, but we need your help to prepare sandwiches and hygiene kits.  (Feel free to bring toys/kids clothes/diapers!)

Next Tuesday, we will first meet at square Albert Schweitzer, 10 rue de l’Hôtel de Ville at 19H to prepare all the items.

SAVE Members… this volunteer certainly counts for S.A.V.E Action Hours, which will be tracked on the ServeNow app if you register for the event.  Or by downloading this ‘Action Hour’ Tracking document here:

Please register for this volunteer activity on the ServeNow App.   Download the ServeNow app from your iPhone Apple Store or Android phone app store.  Search in your app store platform for the “ServeNow” app (Serve The City).  Use the ServeNow App to register for volunteer activities, events and workshops.  For more information about the ServeNow app, go to:

See you Tuesday night!

STCP Leadership Team